Working towards a healthier London
Working towards a healthier London

Safer Food Better Business London Wide Project

In 2009 we received 18 months funding from the Food Standards Agency, FSA. This project aimed to assist businesses across London to implement Safer food, better business (SFBB) and increase compliance with the legal requirement for documented food safety management procedures based on HACCP principles.


  • Increase the numbers of broadly compliant food businesses
  • Improve the food hygiene of food businesses across London in readiness for the increase in customers due in 2012
  • Raise understanding & importance of the regulatory requirements (i.e. food safety management) amongst owners and staff for running food businesses
  • Improve the existing London food hygiene star rating of food businesses
  • Achieve higher levels of food safety compliance & promote best practice

  The project targeted over 2200 premises with poor hygiene standards and low levels of food safety compliance with the aim of improving food standards for both residents and future visitors to the Olympic, event and interested boroughs. The interventions provided added capacity to support local authorities in ensuring that all food premises are compliant in readiness for the Olympics. Improving business food safety management systems will improve food hygiene standards, which in turn, leads towards a positive impact on public health with the anticipated reduction in the likelihood of food poisoning outbreaks. Over 1700 received on site coaching.

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