Working towards a healthier London
Working towards a healthier London

Towards a Smokefree Newham

First pub in the borough to secure the National Clean Air Award with HealthWorks support.

In February 2006 the government announced the outcome of the free vote on Smoke Free Workplaces, from the summer of 2007 ‘all enclosed public places and workplaces will become smoke free’ with few exceptions.


In Newham this signalled for Rachel Ashworth HealthWorks in London manager, to be appointed as the Newham Tobacco Control Coordinator.


Throughout the week of the 27th March – 31st March 2006 residents of Newham had the opportunity at several locations around the borough to obtain free health advice from the Newham PCT team. This included advice on giving up smoking, the opportunity to take part in health checks, which included body mass measurements, blood pressure and sugar level testing. HealthWorks staff was on hand to provide advice to local employers on the change in legislation and developing smoke free workplace policies.


National Clean Air Award Franchise

In 2006 HealthWorks secured the franchise for promoting and awarding National Clean Air Awards to local businesses to become smoke free workplaces and to apply through HealthWorks in London for the National Clean Air Award. Over 125 businesses adopted a smokefree policy and achieved an award. Peacock Pub in Canning Town was the first pub in the borough to achieve the Committment Award.


Smoke Free Newham Alliance (SFNA)

In 2006 the Smokefree Newham Alliance held its first meeting. The SFNA is made up of key stakeholders that bring with them credibility and a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience. The aim of the Alliance is to assist the community and local small businesses to achieve a Smoke Free Newham in line with the then proposed legislation.


Smokefree Compliance

In 2007 the DoH identified funding for local authorities to carry out smokefree compliance work. HealthWorks were identified as the department to manage and deliver the compliance work. To date we have visited some 2,970 businesses.


Smoking Cessation Level 1 and 2 Training

HealthWorks staff in early 2007 completed Level 1 and 2 smoking cessation training. We also employed an occupational health nurse trained at level 3 to enable us to offer on site workplace smoking cessation support to LBN staff and provide medication.

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